This account of the ancestry of Comfort Robbins is based on the Robbins Genealogy recorded on pages 549, 550, and 570 in the History of Ancient Wethersfield, Volume II, by Henry R. Stiles.


JOHN ROBBINS, the son of John and Hester Robbins of Hedingworth, Leicestershire, England, was born in England, and died on 27 June 1660 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. He married Mary Wells who died in September 1659. She was the daughter of Governor Thomas Wells.

John Robbins came to the American Colonies about 1636--during the time of the great puritan exodus. He first appeared in the records of Wethersfield in 1638. He was a large landowner, and a man of means and good social standing--as vouched for by the term "Gentleman" affixed to his name in all the early records of Wethersfield.


1. Mary, born 20 January 1642 in Wethersfield, married Eleazur Kimberly who was Wethersfield's schoolmaster.

2. Hannah, born 30 April 1643 in Wethersfield, died 3 March 1714, married (Dea.) William Warner in 1670.

3. Comfort, born 12 October 1646 in Wethersfield, married Theophilus Sherman.

4. John, born 29 April 1649 in Wethersfield, died 10 July 1689, married Mary Betts.

5. Samuel, born and died November 1659.

6. Joshua, born 21 October 1652 in Wethersfield, died 15 December 1738 in Wethersfield. He married Elizabeth Butler on 24 Decmember 1680.


(Capt.) JOSHUA ROBBINS, the son of (Gent.) John Robbins and Mary Wells, was born on 21 October 1652 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. He died 15 December 1738 in Wethersfield. He married Elizabeth Butler, the daughter of Samuel Butler and Elizabeth , on 24 December 1680. She died on 24 April 1736 at 71 years of age.

(Capt.) Joshua Robbins held various town offices from 1678 to 1693. He was a prominent man in Wethersfield.


1. Joshua, born 21 October 1681 in Wethersfield, died 30 May 1733 in Wethersfield, married Sarah Bidwell on 20 November 1707.

2. Elizabeth, born 29 December 1684 in Wethersfield, married Nathanial Talcott.

3. Hannah, born 10 June 1688 in Wethersfield, married Joseph Wells.

4. Mary, born 10 January 1692 in Wethersfield, married Joseph Treat.

5. Jonathan, born 28 December 1694 in Wethersfield.

6. Abrigail, born 12 June 1697 in Wethersfield, married Silas Belden on 30 November 1716.

7. Comfort, born 8 1699 in Wethersfield, married John Coleman, Jr. about 1726.

8. Sarah, born 31 December 1703 in Wethersfield, died 29 December 1710.


COMFORT ROBBINS, the daughter of (Capt.) Joshua Robbins and Elizabeth Butler, was born on 8 1699 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. She married John Coleman, Jr. about 1726 in Wethersfield. In July 1743, Comfort (Robbins) Coleman transferred from the Congregational Church of Wethersfield to the Congregational Church of Bolton, Connecticut, according to the Volume I, page 128 and Volume II, page 81 of the Bolton Church Records. Comfort was the mother of six children.

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